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Ashok Miranda speaking

"It's time for your business to embrace change, reach its full potential and rise to greatness"

Ashok Miranda is an Author and Singapore's top Business Transformation Architect .

As the founder of Transform and Transcend, Ashok is passionate about helping companies reach their full potential, rise to greatness and be super successful in the digital age.



Get culture insights on my interview on Singapore's MONEY FM 89.3

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Ashok Miranda author Culling Culturitis

The reality of running a business today...


With wide-scale disruption, a  hyper-competitive market, very discerning customers and rising employee expectations, running a business has never been more challenging.

The old ways of running a company, building your brand, doing marketing and connecting with customers just don't work anymore!

In this time of seismic change, you need a new operating system,new playbook to run a successful business. 

This is where we can help you...

 Consider Transform and Transcend your trusted partner for business transformation. We offer world-class consultancy, training, and speaking in company culture, branding, marketing and customer experience, to transform your business for great success in the digital age.

We can speak about our novel proprietary processes, our deep experience and our numerous client success stories, but above all, it is our purpose and passion that makes us different.
Our "WHY" and PURPOSE is to:
Help Architect a Better Business World.

Ashok Miranda

To achieve our purpose, we are on a mission to help companies transform and rise to greatness by:
1. Creating strong company cultures and exceptional work environments that attract and retain top talent, fuel creativity and innovation and drive great success
2. Building powerful customer-centric brands that win the hearts and minds of today's discerning customers.
3. Designing and executing inbound 'magnetic marketing' that attracts and emotionally resonates with consumers.
4. Delivering amazing and 'wow' customer experiences that creates ultra-loyal customers who become your brand fans.

Ashok Miranda author trainer consultant

"I believe our purpose, our passion and deep commitment to your success and to building your dream company is what makes us different."











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Mick Price

MD Vitadeals Singapore

Ashok's marketing strategies and his wealth of experience are solid gold! His insights into how to reach out to our customers, and engage them with our brand story and content were nothing less than inspiring.

Albert Foo_edited_edited.jpg

Albert Foo

GM Marketing, Keppel Land

Ashok brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy into his sessions, along with great examples and his personal experience. What he shared with us at our workshop will be very beneficial to Keppel Land in our own efforts to create amazing customer experiences for our customers.

Michael Tan.jpg

Michael Tan

CEO, Singapore Productivity Centre

We are delighted to have worked with Ashok and Ana in defining our corporate culture and values over a 4-month period. Ashok engaged our staff well and provided good strategic inputs in framing and obtaining collective buy-in for the culture and values that we currently stand for.

Our clients range from Startups, to SME's to MNC's

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Henry Ong_edited.jpg

Henry Ong

MD Tuff Industries

Ashok's depth of knowledge and insights on branding and digital marketing is very impressive.

Our company feels like an old Gold bar that has just been polished.

I would highly recommend  Ashok to any company looking to transform their business.


Chizzy Nnamchi

CEO, Nibiru Footwear Co.

It has been a real pleasure working with you and Ana on our brand and culture transformation project. Your intellectual sagacity and practical nous made the engagement always enervating, always productive, always just brilliant. Real fun working with you guys and would relish the opportunity to go at it again on another project when the opportunity arises. 

Wishing you all the best as you continue to help companies transform. 


Lim Soo Chong

CEO, CASA Holdings Limited

It was a real pleasure to work with Ashok on the culture transformation project for CASA, as we position the company for greater success going forward. I found the whole process really inspiring and insightful.

His professionalism and deep understanding of company culture are commendable. I'm looking forward to working with Ashok again.


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