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As a startup founder, marketer or small business owner, are you struggling with gaining much-needed traction for your business?


Do you feel that your marketing messages are not resonating with your prospects or sound similar to your competitors?


You are perhaps doing some marketing but finding it really frustrating given the myriad digital channels and tools?


With your MVP ready, you feel it's the right time to develop your go-to-market plan but you don't know where to begin?


If your answer is YES to any of the questions, then you need help with THE most important component of your startup business!

Now, there's a roadmap to help you with these critical questions and BOOST your startup Branding and Marketing to get traction fast!



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With limited resources, branding and marketing are usually the most underestimated pieces of the startup business model, but undoubtedly the most crucial for customer acquisition and gaining traction

The 7 Steps To Startup Marketing Success blueprint gives you with the cutting edge strategies you need to POWER UP your brand building and marketing and get max bang for your buck!


  • Specially designed for startups. It provides a ROADMAP for MARKETING SUCCESS and helps build traction FAST!

  • Stacks the marketing odds IN YOUR FAVOUR and positions your business for greater PROFITABILITY

  • The PROVEN BRAND BUILDING and MARKETING STRATEGIES deliver deep customer engagement, AND deliver HIGH-QUALITY LEADS that convert and drive REVENUE for your business

" The 7 Steps to Startup Marketing Success incorporates my deep brand building expertise with leading global multi-national companies across Asia and my experience working with startups across various industries from Fintech to SaaS to brick and mortar businesses.


I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs build their brands and connect with today's savvy and smart customers. I believe the old marketing playbook is broken and a there is a new way to build brands and craft marketing strategies that break through the noise and clutter and attract prospects to you.


We are going through a huge cultural shift in the way people buy products and services and how they interact with brands. The 7 Step process incorporates new and proven strategies designed to give you max bang for your marketing buck. It stacks the marketing odds in your favour and ensures that you deliver the right message to the right people at the right time, to build traction fast."


Ashok Miranda:  Founder of Transform and Transcend and consultant/trainer for the 7 Steps To Startup Marketing Success Blueprint

STRATEGIC and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE process, specially designed for startups to get traction FAST

Each of the carefully crafted steps takes you closer to your goal of gaining traction fast and successfully building

your dream startup business.






A deep dive into what it takes to create a purposeful business and a strong brand that stands for something, resonates with your customers and stands out in the digitally connected economy including:

- Brand Purpose and Vision/Mission

- Brand promise

- Brand emotion and personality







How to clearly position your brand in a crowed marketplace and owning the right perception in your consumers' mind. The module content includes:

- Crafting the positioning statement

- Value proposition

- Brand differentiation & competitive landscape






How to get a deep and holistic understanding of your customers, their buying behaviours, frustrations and pain points. This is crucial as it informs your brand and marketing strategies. The module covers:

- Harnessing deep customer insights

- Creating detail customer personas

- Mapping the customer journey and identifying brand touch points








Deep and current insights into what's driving customer behaviour and why moving from "Help To Hype" is key to getting your message to resonate with today's smart and savvy customers. This module also dives deep into the various social media channels and the psychology of why people are on these. The content of this module includes:

- Marketing objectives

- Marketing SWOT

- Designing the Marketing Funnel

- Digital platform strategy







Understand how customers are consuming content today and what  will drive engagement for your brand. Learn what type of content is best for your startup that your consumers gravitate to and engage and love you for. Understand the various digital platforms and how to leverage these. The module covers:

- Content mission

- Social media platform specific content: Facebook/Instagram/YouTube and Linkedin

- Email, FB/Instagram Ads and re-targeting






Learn what to measure that ultimately moves the needle for your business. Understand the various conversion metrics all through your marketing funnel and what to look out for. The module covers:

- Website and email optimization

- Marketing funnel optimization

- Customer LTV and CAC



In today's highly competitive business environment getting customers to love your brand is key in retaining customers and driving repeat business. Learn the highly effective techniques today's successful companies like Zappos, Nordstrom, AirBnB, Disney, Virgin etc. are using to create amazing customer experiences at every brand touch point. The module includes:

- Customer retention strategies

- Surprise and delight

- Getting customers to 'love' your brand

Here are the benefits you can expect for your startup immediately after the consultancy

Clarity on the purpose and the "WHY" of your business so you can clearly articulate who you are , what you do and more importantly why you do it. This forms the pillars of your clearly defined brand

Precise product positioning in the market, aligned with your target segment needs

Clear brand and positioning messages to differentiate you from the competition and formulate the right perception about you in your potential customers minds

Deep understanding of your customers' journey and pain points, insights  to laser target your content and drive engagement and action

Formulate highly effective marketing strategies and design a marketing funnel, informed by deep customer insights that generates high quality leads that convert faster

Determine the right platforms and channels to market in, so you reach your potential customers effectively and get max bang for your buck 

Create sharp , laser focused and highly relevant content that your customer seeks, consumes and acts upon

Thorough comprehension of the marketing metrics that matter and understand what to exactly measure that helps move the needle for your business

Insights and secrets to getting customers to 'love' you. Designing unique customers experiences tailored for your business that helps retain customers and drives repeat business 

What founders are saying...

Mick Price

Managing Director

Vitadeals Singapore Pte Ltd

Ashok's marketing strategies and his wealth of experience are solid gold! His insights into how to reach out to our customers, and engage them with our brand story were nothing less than inspiring.

Ashok clearly has a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, especially in the new "e-conomy". He identified our strengths and weaknesses, and outlined the direction we should take. 


Ernest Ting

Co-Founder Hook Coffee


Ashok is a creative genius. He preaches the modern art of marketing which is constantly updated and relevant. Ashok took Hook Coffee to a whole new level through his incredibly powerful marketing and brand building strategies.

Vincent Martin




Ashok's marketing insights were highly valuable and helped us a lot at a critical stage of our development. 


He pushed us to think deeper from a user perspective and highlighted the main areas on which we should focus on to build traction. His contribution was clear, practical and effective. By following his suggestions we focused a lot more our communication, resulting in a decrease of 30% of our cost of customer acquisition.

Rahul Banerjee

Founder, Bondevalue Pte Ltd


Ashok is one of the fine minds in the world of marketing who have done it the “old way” and the “new way”. Deep behavioural insights along with lots of implementation tips

Think about how much time and money you'll have to spend to figure out your branding and marketing on your own?

I've done all the heavy lifting, research, filtering and on-ground validation for you, so YOU don't have to!

Over a thousand, founders, small business owners and company executives have already benefited from my talks, workshops, consulting sessions and master classes. The proven techniques and tools have helped startup founders, in particular, to launch and scale their businesses and helped build strong relationships with their customers. 

If you have any doubts about building your brand and creating marketing strategies that really connect with your customers and drive conversions, let the 7 Steps To Startup Marketing Success consultancy process settle these for you!

Take the all-important step to boost and radically transform your precious startup business.



Book a FREE 1 Hr phone consultation with Ashok Miranda. Get game-changing insights and advice on your startup brand and marketing strategy that will transform your startup business immediately!

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