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Quick check: Does this sound like you?

"We urgently need new customers for our business, but research shows that our brand awareness is very low and our target audience just isn't responding to our campaigns"

Girl thinking about company brand culture

"We are consistently losing business to our competitors, our clients are not loyal to us"

Two guys discussing about brand communication

 "I'm not sure what exactly our company and products stand for, we sound like everyone else with our messages"

Girl trying to figure out the company brand story

"I know I need to build a brand for my business to be successful, but with so much going on I don't know where to start!" 

If this sounds like you, the good news is you are not alone!

Most businesses know they need to be unique and stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace and emotionally connect with customers.

They probably know that in order to achieve this, they need to have a strong and well-differentiated brand.

But here's the BIG problem...

Most businesses don't think building a brand is important.

They feel it's more of a 'nice to have' rather than 'a must have.'

Something they shouldn't be focusing on right now and putting resources into - THAT'S A CRITICAL MISTAKE!

This results in low brand awareness, unfocused messages and marketing, low customer loyalty, with businesses losing precious customers and a huge loss of potential revenue.

There is a new reality and a seismic shift in the way consumers are buying products and services today


With a saturated marketplace flooded with similar products and services, customers are faced with an endless choice. They are finding it extremely hard to figure out which product or service is right for them.


Thanks to fake advertising, intrusive and over-promoted and over-hyped discount marketing, consumer trust with brands is at an all-time low.


Meet your new smart and savvy customer!


Consumers today are no longer influenced by 'HYPE' marketing. They are hyper-researching everything and reverting to trusted sources and reviews and recommendations before they buy into a brand and spend their hard earned money.

So, what do today's consumers expect from brands?


  • Brands that genuinely care about helping solve their problems


  • Brands they can trust and rely on to consistently deliver on their promises 


  • Brands whose messages resonate and connect with them emotionally and reflect their values and beliefs (Millennials in particular)


  • Brands that stand for something beyond their products and services and make a positive difference in the world (Millennials in particular)


What does this mean for your business?

To be successful and maintain your competitive edge, you need to have a strong well-differentiated brand that resonates and connects with your customers and wins their hearts and minds.

This goes way beyond just having a good product or service with a cool logo and a fancy website!

At this point you are probably wondering, this all makes sense, but I've got tons of other stuff to do and hardly any time to figure out my brand strategy!

That's why we are here to help!

Our novel and proprietary 3D POWER Brand Transformation Framework is designed to create a world-classstrong and well-differentiated brand that wins the hearts and minds of your customers that massively boosts your business success.

3D power brand transformation framework.jpg

Here's what the 3D POWER Brand Transformation Framework will do for your business:


  • Defines your Brand DNA,  your essence and what makes you, uniquely you


  • Determines your brand positioning and create the right perception in your consumer's mind about your product or service


  • Creates a powerful brand story and define your brand persona, that emotionally resonates with your potential customers and bonds them to you


  • Deciphers your 3D customer profile, a deep understanding of your customer and their emotional buying triggers

  • Helps you design and execute a powerful 360 brand experience that generates positive word-of-mouth and delivers ultra-customer loyalty

  • Sharpens your brand messages and creates a highly effective brand communication strategy for your content that differentiates and makes you stand out from competitors

This gives your business a massive advantage over your competitors by distinctly positioning your business and converting customers into your loyal brand ambassadors that drive revenue and fuel massive business success.

Henry Ong_edited_edited.jpg

Henry Ong

Managing Director

Tuff Industries Pte Ltd


Ashok was appointed as a consultant to help re-brand our traditional manufacturing company and move us into the digital marketing space. Ashok's depth of knowledge and insights on branding and digital marketing is impressive. He re-engineered our brand and delivered an effective marketing strategy to target our various customers. I would highly recommend  Ashok to any company looking to transform their business."

Chris Teo

Chief Executive Officer

Mednefits Pte Ltd


Ashok gave us great advice on brand positioning and we are glad to say that after implementing the changes our sales went up by 50%

I’d highly recommend Ashok to anyone looking for help on strategic branding and marketing for their business."

So, if you are ready to take the first step to transform your brand for massive success, book a FREE 45 Min phone strategy session with Ashok Miranda. Get game-changing insights and advice on your brand strategy that will transform your business immediately!

Have a question or need some info? Drop us a quick note or just call for a no-obligation chat.

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