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"When a new path unfolds, step forward into growth, embrace the  adventure, and allow the learning to flow through."

Ashok Miranda

Author, Culling Culturitis

Business Transformation Architect

Founder Transform and Transcend




After working in the media industry for nearly 20 years, it was time to do some soul searching.


I had built compelling media brands with leading global media companies; Walt Disney Television and Sony Pictures, led multi-award winning creative teams, experienced different company cultures, and produced enough content for a 10-day watch-a-ton! The experience was amazing, but there were headwinds coming for the media industry. Unbeknownst to me, this was to be the defining moment in my life and the start of my self-transformation.

Outside of the media world, disruption was everywhere. There were quantum leaps happening in the world of tech, seismic shifts happening in consumer behaviour and businesses were being disrupted everywhere. The Internet of Things had begun to change the business environment and everyday life.  I needed to figure out my place in this new world, but before this,  I had to urgently re-invent myself, unlearn and relearn if I wanted to ride this new wave and stay relevant.


Fast forward an intensive year of deep learning, with scores of conferences, seminars, webinars, podcasts, coffee sessions, decadent brunches, high teas and umpteen happy hours spent with industry guru's, thought leaders and self-proclaimed futurists, my transformation journey was well underway.

I hit  the delete button on old theories that were no longer relevant in the new economy, and opened up my mind to the new mantras in marketing and thought leadership emerging around company culture. This 'shedding of the old skin' and intellectual re-birth was utterly refreshing and uplifting.

New times, new challenges, new opportunities...

Rays of light piercing through trees

With rapid change in the business environment and consumer behaviour,  businesses were being challenged as never before. Companies were no longer in control of their brand(s) and message. The power had shifted to the smart and savvy consumer.

With the advent of social word of mouth, customers were now in control of  brands and could make or break a business.


On the other hand, with social media transparency and sites like Glassdoor, there was a big shift of power from companies to employees. We could now find out the inner goings-on of a company without even stepping into the company's front door!

In digital age, we need a new playbook on how to run companies, build brands and engage with consumers.

Companies need new ideas and new ways to attract top talent and more importantly retain them. They needed the next practices to create amazing workplaces that fuel creativity and innovation, empowering them to stay competitive in a hyper-competitive environment.

There is also an urgency for a new kind of brand building and marketing philosophy, as the old ways were not resonating with consumers anymore and were out-of-synch with the needs and wants of today's smart customers.


Businesses need a new branding guidebook that communicated the essence of what the company and it's products or services stood for, with a new way to position and differentiate in a hyper-competitive marketplace


The traditional in-your-face disruptive and noisy marketing is no longer effective. Businesses urgently need a marketing reboot to engage a new highly informed and discerning customer.

Consumers now spoilt for choice, are seeking highly personalized and 'wow' brand experiences in exchange for their loyalty. Most businesses however are still oblivious to this new reality and operating the old fashioned way!

Ashok Miranda professional speaking singapore

This was a great opportunity and my purpose and calling was starting to pull me in a new direction...

As a Business Transformation Architect, I was going to help businesses navigate this new world. Help them find their path to transformation. Guide them to reach their full potential and be successful in the digital and hyper competitive age.

I was going to help companies discover their own purpose. Architect their guiding principles and create a work environment and culture that employees love, customers adore and the world admires.


Help businesses connect with today's smart and  savvy customer through a customer centric and help based brand and marketing philosophy. Create amazing customer experiences that convert customers into ultra-loyal brand advocates.

The path to my new life started to light up. I was fuelled and driven by my passion and purpose to help architect a better business world. Help founders, owners and business leaders build their dream and super successful business they always wanted.


And so began my new quest and journey, and the spark that ignited the idea for 

Transform and Transcend

Ashok Miranda consultant speaker trainer Singapore
Ashok Miranda
Business Transformation Architect
Founder, Transform and Transcend

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