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As a business leader, owner, founder, head of learning and development or HR, do you feel you need to urgently boost the skill set of your team to stay relevant in this rapidly changing business environment?


Are you concerned that you could lose your competitive advantage and market share/revenue if your employees' skills are not upgraded fast?


Are you done with various trainers or training providers that haven't quite delivered the transformation for your team you were hoping for?


We are here to help you fix all that!

Watch how Transformational Training delivers the results you need to propel your business forward.


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We have now enlightened and enriched hundreds of participants through our innovative and transformational online ZOOM training sessions.

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Our workshops are designed to highly engage and enrich your team members, with a good measure of fun and bonding thrown in. We'll use the time to solve real-world problems for you, so you get max bang for your buck!


Loaded with global and local examples and relevant case studies, our workshops deliver game-changing concepts along with highly effective tools and techniques that your team members can apply immediately.

However, you can’t take away our color pencils as we mail order these from Guatemala (just kidding!)

Some of our popular workshops and we would be happy to design a bespoke training program for your specific requirements and also conducted online.



Design and Build a Winning Company Culture (ADCOE Culture Transformation Blueprint)

The Golden Triangle of Business Success: Culture - Brand- Customer 


Leadership in the Digital Age


Unleash Your Full Business Potential


Harnessing The Power of Purpose to Create Company Alignment


Building a Company That Employees Love, Customers Adore and The World Admires


Brand Storytelling in the Digital Age


Architecting a Strong Customer-Centric Brand 


The Power of Reciprocity Marketing: Moving from HYPE to HELP


Killer Content Strategies to Engage Today's Savvy Customers 


Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies to Convince and Convert Prospects fast


Funnel Design: How To Attract, Convince and Convert Your Prospects Fast


CX Strategies to Win and Retain Customers in the Digital Age


Creating Ultra-Loyal Customers Who Become Your Brand Fans


Delivering Customer 'Wow" and 'Delight" in the Digital Age


Transform Your CX, Transform Your Business

Connected CX: Delivering Omni-Channel Customer Delight 

Word -Of- Mouth Strategies to Create Lifelong Customers



The 7 Steps To Startup Marketing Success


Startup Branding Essentials: How to win the Hearts and Minds of Customers in a Hyper Competitive Market


Killer Startup Content Strategies that Deliver Quality Leads Fast


Digital Marketing Strategies to Attract, Convince and  Convert Customers


The Power of The Inbox: Email Essentials to Convert Customers Fast


Go-To-Market Plan that Builds Traction Fast



Introducing YOU! How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand


"Own The Stage," Mastering The Art of Delivering Killer Presentations

Power Copywriting That Gets People's Attention and Sells

How To Craft and Tell Your Compelling Story That Moves People

Building Your Authority on Social Media

Find Your Purpose and Fulfill Your True Destiny

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Ruby G

Director, CA

LNM Corporate Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore

This workshop was really transformative for us, to really see how we have to re-think our brand story how to position ourselves and reach out to our niche customers.


Ryan Lower

Deouty Director (Commercial) Keppel Land Vietnam

A transformational day for myself and my fellow Keppelites. We learned a lot about ourselves and our organization, and how to improve our customer service and our customer experience.


Seto Lok Yin

Deputy Principal

Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

My organisation engaged Ashok for a workshop to facilitate fresh thinking on how we can effectively reach out to Generation Z.

My colleagues and I were blown away by the insights that Ashok offered.

He went deep, he asked hard questions and challenged our assumptions. After getting us out of our comfort zone, Ashok facilitated our brainstorm session which yielded fresh ideas. Ashok sparked a rethink of our strategy and approach.

Ashok Miranda training workshop

So, If you are looking to raise the bench strength your team through world-class training, delivered with true passion and deep commitment, then look no further!

Beyond empowering your team with game-changing insights, we will inspire and ignite their passion and transform their mindsets. 


Each participant will feel the change in themselves after the workshop. They will be empowered and fired up to implement what they have learnt.

The guaranteed end result is the transformation of your business!

We'll be delighted to hear from you on how we can help train, inspire and transform your team for your business success.

Drop us a quick note or just call for a no-obligation chat.

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