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We seem to be generating good traffic but our conversion rates are really low, what do we do about this?

Two guys discussing about content targeting
Team discussing content strategy

Our audience isn't engaging with our content. Any ideas on what we should do?

We need to build a marketing funnel to generate consistent leads, does anyone know how to design one?

Lady trying to figure out blogging strategy

We've done SEO, Facebook Ads and Adwords, but nothing seems to give us the leads we urgently need. What can we do now?

Sounds like your weekly marketing meeting?

The fact is, this sounds like most marketing meetings these days! Business everywhere are finding it extremely challenging to figure how to market their products or services,


With so many marketing channels, a very fragmented audience and myriad complex marketing tools, most businesses don't know where to begin!


It's an uphill struggle to get anyone's attention these days, let alone convincing people to buy stuff from you! The cash is moving further away from the cart!

Here are some interesting marketing facts:


  • Almost 98% of people visiting your site aren't ready to buy


  • Over 300 Million people are using some sort of active Ad blocking software, so your online Ads are not reaching them


  • Banner click-through rates at an all-time low


  • Cost of Adwords is rising sharply and pricing most businesses out of this channel


  • Facebook Ads are not as effective as they used to be and costs are rising


  • Customer purchase journeys are getting more complex (minimum 8-12 touch points before a purchase decision is made)


  • Customers are hyper-researching and hyper validating everything before they purchase anything, so your potential customers don't really trust your brand and marketing messages!

Given this change in buyer behaviour, you are probably pulling your teeth out trying to figure out how to reach potential customers and to convince them to buy your stuff!

Here's some consolation, most businesses haven't woken up to this new marketing reality and still doing marketing like it's 2008!

This calls for a major paradigm shift in marketing!

The good news is, there is a different and highly effective way to reach your customers and to do marketing the RIGHT way in 2018.

This involves moving your marketing from HYPE to HELP. Sounds interesting?


Read on...


This is about moving away from intrusive and disruptive marketing and screaming at your customers to taking an empathetic approach to marketing.


It's going from being pushy and 'salesy' to helping and empowering your customers to solve their problems.


It's building long-term relationships and trust with them, so they keep coming back and buying from you.


It's about converting customers into your brand advocates, who will do the marketing for you!


Believe us when we say your customers will absolutely love you for this!


However, achieving this requires a new marketing template and guidebook, along with a deep understanding of your customer.

It requires your business to behave like a FRIEND and not a BRAND!

Here's where we can help you!

Using our proprietary 3D POWER  MARKETING TRANSFORMATION FRAMEWORK, you get a highly strategic marketing toolkit for you to adopt, fine tuned to your type of business and the resources you have. 

3D Power marketing 2022.jpg

A proven process that delivers highly effective marketing, designed to resonate with and attract today's smart and savvy customers to you!

Here are the benefits you get:



  • From funnels to Facebook Ads and everything in between, we'll figure out the most COST EFFECTIVE and STRATEGIC way to reach, convince and convert your prospects into your customers, so you don't have to!


  • The perfect marketing funnel for your business, designed to ATTRACT, CONVERT and DELIGHT your customers and ramp up your revenue


  • Happy customers who will absolutely LOVE your marketing and become your LOYAL  brand ambassadors


  •  MAX BANG for your MARKETING BUCK! (Less reliance on costly Ads)


  • Marketing that TRANSFORMS and GROWS your business


Chizzy Nnamchi


Nibiru Footwear Company

Singapore/West Africa

It has been a real pleasure working with you and Ana on our brand and marketing transformation project. Your intellectual sagacity and practical nous made the engagement always enervating, always productive, always just brilliant. Would relish the opportunity to go at it again on another project when the opportunity arises. 

Wishing you all the best as you continue to help companies transform. 


Esther Lim


Europlast Pte Ltd


Working with Mr Ashok Miranda and Ana for our branding and marketing project has given me so much change in perspective. UnderAshok's guidance, our company now has a clearer picture on what we can do to move forward. His enthusiasm and passion in imparting us the knowledge and skills is amazing. 


I would highly recommend Mr Ashok to any company that needs a change of new marketing perspective in this challenging modern world. I hope to be working with him again in the near future.

So, if you are ready to Transform your Marketing to get high quality leads that convert and grow your business fast, then we have a great offer for you below.

Book a FREE 45 Min phone consultation with Ashok Miranda. Get game-changing insights and advice on Digital Marketing strategies that will transform your business immediately!

Have a question or need some info? Drop us a quick note or just call for a no-obligation chat.

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