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With 80% of your business potentially coming from 20% of your loyal customers, is your customer experience delivering ultra-customer loyalty?

Most businesses say they have excellent customer experience but research indicates that their customers think otherwise.

Quite simply without customers, you don't have a business! So, shouldn't you be focusing on the one key thing that can truly move the success needle for your company?

Ashok Miranda customer experience workshop

Customer Experience Transformation Talk

Your smart and savvy customers are buying products and services very differently today.

Ashok Miranda training

Customer Experience Transformation Workshop

Your potential customers are going through a complex buying journey, hyper-researching and validating everything. Unlike before, they are taking their time to make an informed and smart decision about buying your product or service.

Just look at your last hotel booking. Your decision was most likely based on multiple reviews across several sites and viewing traveller pictures. Yes, traveller pictures, because we no longer trust hotel pictures.

With purchase decisions today increasingly being influenced by word-of-mouth and referrals, are you giving your customers something amazing to talk about and share?


For your customers to talk positively about you, you need to shift your customer experience from "REQUIRED" to "REMARKABLE"

Let's admit it,

Moving your CX dial to REMARKABLE isn't easy. You need to have a very deep understanding of your customer, think about how they buy stuff and how you can create 'wow' experiences at every brand touchpoint, not to mention heaps of insight and tons data!

This takes a change of mindset, massive commitment from the team, meticulous planning, training, resources and new insight, ideas and strategies.

Ashok Miranda training and conductin a masterclass in cutomer experiece

Customer Experience Masterclass

Here's where we can help you...

We'll help you design and create an awesome customer experience for your business.  This results in a deep and holistic CX transformation, that will consistently deliver 'wow' experiences for your customers at every brand touchpoint across their journey. Your customers will absolutely love you for this.


In fact, your customers will be so delighted they will do your marketing for you!

Transform and Transcend CX framework

Our proprietary and proven Double Delight CX Transformation Blueprint ensures that you get an unfair advantage over your competitors. It compels your customers to spread positive word-of-mouth and provides valuable social currency for your brand.


Iqbal Jumabhoy

CEO, Blackbook Hotels Singapore

I was impressed with Ashok's manner, his depth and his grasp of what we were trying to achieve.

He has a process which got us to a result very quickly.

What he produced was a usable document which we are going to find very useful as we proceed to launch our business.

Overall, I respect his integrity. I am sure we will work with Ashok again. Frankly, I am looking forward to it.

Albert Foo_edited_edited.jpg

Albert Foo

GM Marketing, Keppel Land


Ashok brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy into his sessions, along with great examples and his personal experience. What he shared with us at our workshop will be very beneficial to Keppel Land in our own efforts to create amazing customer experiences for our customers.

kp portrait 5.JPG

Kash Patel

CEO, BEAM Storage Singapore

Thanks to Ashok’s genuine passion in engaging his clients and diving deep into the values and purpose, we were able to get clarity on our vision, mission and core customer values.

He helped us get clarity with our target market by defining the BEAM persona and help marry it with our target customer profile. He truly makes you see the value add of your business, which in turn transforms your belief in your product!

I’d highly recommend Ashok to anyone looking for a lift in their business and would gladly work with him again any day.

So, if you are serious about creating ultra-loyal happy customers and growing your business exponentially, then take the first critical step to make this happen.

Book a FREE 45 Min phone strategy session with Ashok Miranda. Get game-changing insights and advice on Customer Experience that will transform your business immediately!

Have a question or need some info? Drop us a quick note or just call for a no-obligation chat.

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