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Mick Price

Managing Director

Vitadeals Singapore Pte Ltd

We engaged Transmedia Consultancy to help develop customer engagement strategies for our e-commerce business, which is in the wellness sector. Ashok's marketing strategies and his wealth of experience are solid gold! His insights into how to reach out to our customers, and engage them with our brand story were nothing less than inspiring.

Ashok clearly has a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, especially in the new "e-conomy". He identified our strengths and weaknesses, and outlined the direction we should take. He showed us how customers would wish to be engaged, as well as identifying exactly where we can build more opportunities to connect with them. His suggestions were clear, practical, easy to implement and, most of all, effective.

I cannot recommend Ashok highly enough, other than to say we are looking forward to engaging him again."

Iqbal Jumabhoy

Founder & CEO

BlackBook Technologies Pte Ltd 


I was impressed with Ashok's manner, his depth and his grasp of what we were trying to achieve.

Over the period he worked with us, my respect for him increased. He is quick, thorough, organized and responsive. He has a process which got us to a result very quickly. He was open minded when I challenged him and made improvements to his plan. What he produced was a usable document which we are going to find very useful as we proceed to launch our business.

I was adequately impressed to ask him to undertake a follow-on assignment, to complete a “go-to-market” plan. Again, he over delivered and we got a plan that is an actionable piece of work, and not something “touchy feely”.

Overall, I respect his integrity. I am sure we will work with Ashok again. Frankly, I am looking forward to it."

Henry Ong

Managing Director

Tuff Industries Pte Ltd Singapore

Ashok was appointed as a consultant to help re-brand our traditional manufacturing company and move us into the digital marketing space. Ashok's depth of knowledge and insights on branding and digital marketing is impressive. He re-engineered our brand and delivered an effective marketing strategy to target our various customers. The team learned a lot and it was a great experience working with him. I feel like a gold bar that had lost its sheen and now regained it's shine. I would highly recommend  Ashok to any company looking to transform their business."

Albert Foo

GM, Marketing, Keppel Land


Ashok brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy into his sessions, along with great examples and his personal experience. What he shared with us will be very beneficial to Keppel Land in our own efforts to create amazing customer experiences for our customers.”

Vincent Martin




We worked with Transmedia Consultancy to define our marketing strategy and the tone of voice of our brand. Our company Waach provides a system to help video creators reach a bigger audience. Ashok's marketing insights were highly valuable and helped us a lot at a critical stage of our development. The vision he has when putting his feet in the shoes of the customer is impressive.

He pushed us to think deeper from a user perspective and highlighted the main areas on which we should focus on to build traction. His contribution was clear, practical and effective. By following his suggestions we focused a lot more our communication, resulting in a decrease of 30% of our cost of customer acquisition.

I recommend anyone who needs strategic brand and marketing insights to grow their business to work with Ashok and benefit from his expertise."

Build relationships. Build authority.

Nicholas Han

Co-Founder, Schaffen Watches


Speaking with Ashok and getting his insights and advice completely transformed our brand. While we were in the early stages of searching for a solid direction and customer engagement strategy, Ashok was determined to help us identify the specific marketing and communications strategies that would best suit our brand and vision.

His guidance was instrumental to our growth, and enabled our team to understand our business and consumers on a much deeper level. This understanding led us to form dynamic strategies and set tangible goals to achieve our KPIs.

More importantly, Ashok brings an outstanding energy and is infectiously passionate about his projects. His impressive depth of knowledge and the great stories he always has to tell about consumer behavior and creative branding strategies are packed with fresh ideas and inspiration.

We highly recommend that any business in search of marketing excellence find every opportunity to pick his brains, whether it’s by attending one of his talks or by interacting with him through Transmedia Consultancy."

Ashok is a fantastic mentor to entrepreneur students. He is able to very quickly point to a clear positioning and direction.  

Ashok is able to do this because he is deeply engaged in innovation conversations, and brings his vast store of marketing experiences to help focus the entrepreneurs’ attention and help them craft a succinct and compelling value proposition. 

The students love him."

Virginia Cha

Professor in Residence


Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

Yit Ming Law

Co-founder, Chief Strategist

SmarterMe, Singapore

Ashok is one of the thought leaders when it comes to branding. He helps to bring out the emotional side of the brand, which is important in order to better connect with the consumer. We were glad to have him help us in our branding project. Splendid work and very engaging!"

Seto Lok Yin

Deputy Principal

Republic Polytechnic


My organisation engaged Ashok to facilitate fresh thinking on how we can effectively reach out to Generation Z.

My colleagues and I were blown away by the insights that Ashok offered and the extent he went into researching and understanding the issues we were dealing with. He could have simply given a wonderful PowerPoint presentation on social media marketing. But that was not Ashok’s style.

He went deep, he asked hard questions, he prepared a video that reflected stakeholders perceptions, he understood our challenges as he challenged our assumptions. After getting us out of our comfort zone, Ashok facilitated our brainstorming which yielded fresh ideas. Ashok sparked a rethink of our strategy and approach."

We got to know Ashok via SMU IIE incubator, he was assigned to us as our marketing and branding mentor.

We were intrigued by his knowledge in branding after our first meeting. 

He was passionate, knowledgeable and unselfish in imparting all his knowledge to us.


He gave us a lot advice on brand positioning and helped us out on the elevator pitch to potential customers and investors. Ashok also helped us to revamp our website to specifically target the buyer persona that we are looking for and we are glad to say that after implementing the changes our sales went up by 50%


Ashok also showed us how corporate culture is so important in building a sustainable business. With his weekly guidance, we started building the Mednefits culture we want. We believe that our brand and our culture are the only competitive advantages that we will have in the long run. Everything else can and will eventually be copied. 


I’d highly recommend Ashok to anyone looking for help on strategic branding and marketing for their business."

Chris Teo

Chief Executive Officer

Mednefits Pte Ltd


Krishna Kumar Nallur

Senior Associate Director

Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Singapore Management University

Ashok has been one of the active mentors for IIE, focused on providing advice and guidance around building the brand and developing Go To Market Strategies.Founders have found his workshops around the two topics very helpful and have actively sought his mentorship in these areas.

In a world where products and services are getting commoditized and the biggest differentiator is price, Ashok helps founders realize the value of their business by helping them build a brand focused on their customers."

Kash Patel

CEO, BEAM Storage Pte Ltd


We engaged Transmedia consultancy to help us streamline our overall marketing strategy and direction for our new concept in Self-Storage. Thanks to Ashok’s genuine passion in engaging his clients and diving deep into the values and purpose of the organisation, we were able to get clarity on our vision, mission and core customer values.

He also helped get clarity with our target market by defining the Beam persona and help marry it with our target customer profile. With our digital marketing strategy he helped identify the key messages for each medium of communication and path to conversion. What Ashok brings is a lot more than clarity in your marketing strategy, the value of which can’t be measured in $. He truly makes you see the value add of your business to the society as a whole, which in turn transforms your belief in your product!

I’d highly recommend Ashok to anyone looking for a lift in the marketing profile of their business and would gladly work with him again any day."

Ernest Ting

Co-Founder Hook Coffee


Ashok is a creative genius. He preaches the modern art of marketing which is constantly updated and relevant. Ashok took Hook Coffee to a whole new level through his incredibly powerful marketing and brand building strategies."

Rahul Banerjee

Founder, Bondevalue Pte Ltd


Ashok is one of the fine minds in the world of marketing who have done it the 'old way' and the 'new way.' Deep behavioural insights along with lots of great implementation tips."


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